“The Bog”, based on the eponymous novel by Oskar Luts, is a thrilling love story that takes us back to the year 1917, when Europe was engulfed in WW1 and a revolution erupted on the other side of Estonia`s Eastern border.

Young artist Toomas Haava (Franz Malmsten) returns from Paris, back to his brother's bog farm and wraps himself unintentionally in a conflict with violent and terrifying Madjak (Märten Matsu), who is harassing a local girl, Hilda (Hanna-Ly Aavik), also known as Wildcat. Enchanted by the mysterious beauty, Toomas discovers himself in the middle of a fight for love, with his own life at stake. While clashing with the local brute, young artist has to fight the “ogre” as well as his own insecurities.

“The Bog” is a period piece taking place at a stormy time in world history, intertwining an atmospheric thriller with an enchanting love story. In addition to these main elements the film has plenty of humour and a number of colorful supporting characters. This romantic thriller stars Franz Malmsten and Hanna-Ly Aavik. Supporting cast includes Liis Lass, Grete Kuld, Märten Matsu, Indrek Taalmaa, Epp Eespäev, Toomas Suuman, Helgur Rosenthal and Martin Kork.

Romantic thriller. 90 min.
Director-cinematographer: Ergo Kuld
Written by: Martin Algus
Producers: Kristian Taska, Tanel Tatter, Veiko Esken
Production companies: Taska Film, Kassikuld, Apollo Film Productions
“Talve” (“Where The Heart Is”), the previous film by the same team, brought around 150 000 spectators to Estonian theatres, entering the national top 5 of all times. It also was a hit on the leading VOD platform Telia. With “The Bog” they aim to keep the momentum going. The historical framework, breathtaking Estonian nature and universal love story should make the film appealing also to foreign audiences.