Tartu Film Fund

The Tartu Regional Film Fund was established in 2013 by the Tartu Centre for Creative Industries to promote the shooting and post-production of international full length feature films, documentaries, short and animated films and TV series, as well as support Estonian production companies providing production services for international film projects.

The main goal of the Tartu Film Fund is to boost entrepreneurial creativity in the region, bring investments to Tartu County, encourage the production of professional audiovisual works and promote international coproduction.

The Tartu Film Fund is budgeted at 150,000 EUR annually.

Under the cash-rebate scheme executed by the fund, the rebate for a single project is up to 20% of eligible expenditure incurred in Tartu or Tartu County. The eligibility for funding of film projects will be assessed by the committee comprising producers, representatives of Tartu City Government, the Tartu Centre for Creative Industries and the Estonian Film Institute.

Eligible expenditure includes the salaries of the local members of the film crew and local actors as well as goods and services purchased in the Tartu area such as hotel and accommodation related services, transportation related costs, rental of rooms and equipment, catering services, construction security services, public utility costs and other services related to the production of the  selected film project selected by the Tartu Film Fund Committee.

The recent local and international co-productions lensed under the scheme include The Secret Society of Souptown (2015)When You Least Expect It (2016), The Wind Sculpted Land (2018) and The Secret Life of Johannes Pääsuke (2019).

Films produced under the current scheme:

  •   The Secret Society of Souptown, a NAFTA films co-production with Solar Films Inc Oy (Finland), directed by Margus Paju, has been screened at more than 50 festivals worldwide, winning 8 awards in the process. It is an adventure mystery involving four kids from the neighbourhood of Tartu called Souptown who try to find an antedote to a poison, which turns adults into children after the town has been attacked by a mysterious virus.
  •   When You Least Expect It. Itis a production of Kopli Kinokompanii.A romantic comedyit tells the story of a middle-aged single woman, who one morning discovers a stranger in her bed without any recollections of the previous day.
  •   The Wind Sculpted Land, directed by Joosep Matjus, is an epic film story of Estonian wild nature where versatile landscapes with wild animals and thousands of migrating bird flocks are screened. The film is part of a film programme dedicated to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. It was produced by Production and distribution: WildKino and co-produced with Marco Polo AG (Germany).
  •   The Secret Life of Johannes Pääsuke, produced by Kopli Kinokompanii is a biopic of Estonia`s first filmmaker Johannes Pääsuke, with award-winning director Hardi Volmer.


Diana Mikita, producer of Secret Society of Souptown: „During our almost 50 shooting days in Tartu we were constantly surprised by its photogenicity, variety of locations and film friendly atmosphere. Tartu Film Fund was a professional and open minded partner to work with and we truly enjoyed our cooperation. We are hoping to return with another exciting project soon.“ 

Kristiina Reidolv, the Member of the Board of Tartu Centre for Creative Industries (TCCI): In the forthcoming years TCCI will prioritise the development of the audio-visual sector in the Tartu region and further growth of the Tartu Film Fund by encouraging investments into both infrastructure and support services in order to be more accessible to both local and international filmmakers as well as make Estonian film visible worldwide.”